The Ronde van Nijmegen is a beautiful tour for recreational cyclists. The eight edition will be held on the 12th of May 2019! The route is a mix of steep climbs, alternating between flat open country and rolling hills. You can choose between the 70 km, 120 km and 160 km routes. We advise to choose a long distance, as the reward will be even sweeter. You can get an impression of the Ronde van Nijmegen through this Video.


The Ronde van Nijmegen will be on the second Sunday in May, the 12th of May 2019.


The start and finish location is in and around Park Brakkenstein in Nijmegen.

Navigation address:

Kapittelweg 35, 6525 EN Nijmegen


This year’s theme is ‘La Ronda van Nijmegen’. Therfore there are some elements of España are woven into the Ronde van Nijmegen Jersey.

* The shirt is a high-quality Bioracer speedwear jersey
* Pro-line: long zipper, high quality textures
* There will be two locations where you can try on the jersey from February 1st till March 31st.
* If you would like to alter your size, you can send us an email
* Click HERE for the table with jersey sizes


The maximum number of participants is limited to 4500 cyclists.


There is plenty of parking space near the start. You can follow the signs ‘University’ and “Gymnasion/P7”. Finally our traffic controllers will lead you to a parking place..


To register, click HERE


On the 1st of February a concept of the routes will be published. GPX files will be sent to participants shortly before the Ronde van Nijmegen.
The route will be set out using yellow arrows, which are easily recognisable by the Ronde van Nijmegen logo. At crossroads there will be signs.


Participants are responsible for their own safety and are obligated to follow the normal rules in traffic. Busy or dangerous points there will be traffic regulators. It is obligatory to wear a helmet during the whole tour and you have to be in possession of a reliable bicycle with bell. There are certified First Aiders at the start/finish and first aid boxes at every restpoint.


If you have used an address other than the Netherlands at your registration, you can collect your startpackage at the start.

You will receive a startnumber that you need to attach to your handlebar with two tie-wraps. On the back of the shield is a chip that is used for the registration of the climb at the Oude Holleweg. The chip works best when it does not touch the bike (frame, handlebars, etc.).


By registering the participant agrees to the following rules:

  • The registration is only complete when the (full) registration fee has been paid
  • Cancelling with restitution of the fee is possible until the 1st of April. There will be a service charge of €5,00. After the 1st of April restitution of the fee is not possible.
  • Participation and use of facilities of the Ronde van Nijmegen is only possible for registered participants. Participants are obligated to attach the shield to their handlebar and to wear the wristband.
  • Results will be published online, including name and city. If you do not want to be in this list, you can remove the chip from the shield.
  • The registration is strictly personal, but it is possible to transfer to a third party. The information of the third party has to be sent to the organisation by e-mail. The service charge is €2,50.
  • The jersey will not be sent, but can be picked up at the start or finish. If the participant doesn’t pick up the shirt, it is possible to send the shirt but a service charge will be calculated, depending on where the shirt has to be sent.
  • When collecting the startnumber the participant states that their health is sufficient to participate has proper functioning bike.
  • The participant is in good physical condition and health. When in doubt, consultation with a doctor is required. A doctor’s statement can be sent to the organisation (info@rondevannijmegen.nl).
  • It is obligatory to wear a helmet during the whole tour. The bicycle must have a working bell.
  • The character of the event is not a competition, but a recreational fun run.
  • Participants have to adhere to the traffic regulations. Normal traffic regulations are in effect and will be monitored by the police.
  • Participants have to respect other road users, nature and the environment.
  • Use of following cars is prohibited
  • Participants watch out for their own safety and that of the people around them.
  • The organisation is not liable for accidents or damage, loss or theft of personal items of participants.
  • Participants have to follow orders of police or the organisation immediately
  • Participants are informed through newsletters and the website and are obligated to read this information.
  • A list of participants will be published on the website with the name, place of residence, association and results.
  • Participants can be banned from participating, because of improper conduct, not following traffic regulations, failing to follow instructions of police or the organisation. These participants are also banned from participating in 2020.
  • By registering for the the Ronde van Nijmegen the participant will automatically be subscribed for the newsletter of Stichting Ox. It is possible to unsubscribe at any time.
  • The board of Stichting Ox has the right to change the route, shorten the route or cancel the event in case of extreme weather conditions, calamities or other situations outside of the control of the organisation where the safety of the participants, employees and public order are at risk. In these cases the emergency plan of Stichting Ox will be implemented.
  • In cases of cancellation or other cases named above, there will be no refund of the registration fee.
  • Participants agree with the use of images in print or online, in photo’s, film, video etc. It is possible the images will be used for promotional purposes, without contact with the participant beforehand. Participants cannot claim any copyright or payment. If you do not want to be on any photographs or video, we advise not to participate in the events of Stichting Ox


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